Deborah Healey's Attic - Courses


American English Institute/Dept. of Linguistics, University of Oregon (2008-2016)

  • CALL elective/discussion section - short course for the Master's in Linguistics, Language Teaching Specialization program. Fall and Winter quarters 2009-2016. Designed, taught.
  • Creating Engaging Environments for English Language Classrooms (Massive Open Onlne Course on Canvas Network), 2016; co-creator, co-instructor.
  • Shaping the Way We Teach English (Massive Open Online Course on Coursera), 2015-2016; project lead, co-creator, co-instructor.
  • Trace Effects: An Online Teacher Training Course, 2015; project lead, co-creator, co-instructor.
  • Access Teacher Development Online Program (ATDOP) - improving listening and speaking skills and pedagogy for Access teachers from 8 countries. See the public website for the course. Co-designer, co-instructor, co-administrator of the project.
  • UO-AMIDEAST MSN Gaza Project - a collaborative project with AMIDEAST's Model Schools Network program, adding teacher development through AEI online courses. Designer, project lead, co-instructor.
  • Thai-UO Tsunami Project - materials for English language and science teachers to use for disaster preparation content. Co-designer, co-instructor.
  • Critical Thinking and Learning Styles & Strategies - courses for English language teachers. Co-designer, co-instructor.
  • Shaping the Way We Teach English. Co-designer, co-instructor. Public access to the material is at
  • Building Teaching Skills Through the Interactive Web - course for English language teachers. Summer 2009-2010. Co-designer, co-instructor.
  • Oregon-Iraq Guided Online English Study (GOES). Co-designer, co-instructor.
  • Oregon-Iraq GOES-ELT Tandem Learning. Co-designer, co-instructor.

English Language Institute, Oregon State University (to 2008)

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