Searching the Web: A Few Tips

Take a look at these "Tech Tips" for some suggestions about doing good searches on the Web.

Start with this one on Boolean queries in general: Composing Queries (

Then try InfoSeek Search Tips (
Make particular note of what the + and - "operators" do. Pay attention to spacing!!

Your next step is Evaluating Internet Sources ( This will help you decide if the information you're getting is reliable. Remember that ANYONE with a computer, a modem, and Web software can become an information provider, so you can't automatically trust the information you see on the Web.
Practice what you learned. (

Finally, see an overall approach to finding information. This will help you spend your time productively, finding the most reliable information: Finding Authoritative Sources. (

Remember that your most valuable resources probably aren't on the World Wide Web-- they are the librarians in the library, who know about finding information on the Internet AND in other places.

Good luck!


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By Deborah Healey, for ELI 162, Advanced Reading and Writing. Last updated 14 July 2001.