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  • ORTESOL Conference 2021. Digital Storytelling. Online, October 2021.
  • LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) Webinar. Building Community and Making Learning Memorable. Online, September 2021.
  • Africa ELTA Virtual Conference 2021. TESOL’s Path Toward Equity and Inclusion. Panel with K. Bryan, A. Cooper, E. Dwyer, O. Effiong. Online, August 2021.
  • 36th National Conference for Teachers of English Costa Rica: Gamifying your Class. Online, May 2021.
  • American English Live: Motivating with Gamification. Online, May 2021.
  • TESOL Virtual Convention 2021: Diverse Voices Task Force Report; An Overview of Current Trends in Online Teacher Education Research. Online, March.

  • Sookmyung University: Technology Tools for Busy Teachers. Online, December 2020.
  • CETE (Center for English Teaching Excellence, Republic of Georgia)/TESOL 12th Annual Conference: Building Community in Difficult Times. Online, December 2020.
  • American School of Tampico Language Institute 25th Anniversary Symposium: Getting Started with Gamification. Online, November 2020.
  • China Daily Language Expo 2020: Reading and Writing in a Digital World. Online, November.
  • TESOL Italy Virtual Convention 2020: Reading and Writing in a Digital World. Online, November.
  • Keiser University Latin America Virtual Conference: Motivating with Games and Gamification. Online, October 2020.
  • Teachers Learning2Gether Summit 2020: Coping Around the World: TESOL International Association Perspectives (panel with Grazzia Mendoza, Kathy Lobo, and Okon Effiong). Online, October.
  • KSAALT (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers) Fast Forward Webinar Series: Growing up Digital: Intelligent Use of Technology. Online, September, 2020.
  • ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) FY21 Bilingual Program Directors Meeting: Considerations for Bilingual Program Administrators Regarding Remote/Hybrid Learning for English Language Learners. Online, September, 2020.
  • TESOL Virtual Convention 2020: Teaching with Play: Games, Gamification, and Game-based Learning (keynote); Diverse Voices Task Force Discussion. Online, July.
  • NCTE Costa Rica (National Conference for Teachers of English) 2020 Online Conference: How Can We Create Effective and Realistic Online Objectives? Online, July.
  • NELTA (Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association): Creating Effective and Realistic Learning Objectives (plenary). Online, May, 2020
  • NileTESOL TEYL SIG Event. Trace Effects for Game-Based Learning. Online, May 2020.
  • US Dept. of State Public Service Announcement. Gamification. Online at
  • ELT Day for Puerto Rico 2020: Technology Transfer in a Digital World. Online, January.

  • INGED (English Language Teachers Association in Turkey) 2019: Gamification How and Why (plenary). Ankara, Turkey, November.)
  • CATESOL (California TESOL) 2019: Growing up Digital (plenary). San Jose, California, October.
  • Africa TESOL 2019: Gamification (invited speaker). Abuja, Nigeria, August.
  • Joint Korean ELT Conference 2019: Growing up digital (plenary). Seoul, July.
  • Ohio TESOL CALL Conference 2019: CALL and TESOL’s 6 Principles (plenary). Athens, Ohio, April.)
  • Ohio University EdTech Conference: Prospects and perils of gamification. Athens, Ohio, April 2019.)
  • HUPE (Croat<p>ia TESOL) Conference 2019: Telling our Stories (plenary). Poreč, April.
  • PELLTA (Penang ELT Association) iELT-Con 2019: Reading and Writing in the Digital Age (keynote); Gamification: What, Why and How. Penang, April.
  • Northern Zone English Language Teaching Seminar: Best Practices and Useful Tools for 21st Century Learners; Gamification: What, Why, and How. Penang, April 2019.
  • TESOL Conference 2019: Online Language Teacher Education (OLTE) and the 6 Principles. Atlanta, Georgia, March.


  • TESL Ontario Conference 2018: Gamification in Education: Hype or Useful Teacher Tool? Online, November.
  • Ceibal Encounter: Closing and Opening (keynote). Montevideo, Uruguay, September 2018.
  • Tunisia TESOL Conference 2018: Reading and Writing in the Digital Age (keynote); Technology Tools for Busy Teachers; Creating Rubrics for Assessing Writing (pre-conference workshop). Tunis, May.
  • American Center: Gamifying Your Class: Why and How. Tunis, Tunisia, May 2018.
  • IATEFL Conference 2018: Gamifying your Class: The Basics. Bristol, England, April.
  • TESOL Conference 2018: Quality Assurance in Online Teacher Education (panelist); Trace Effects in the Classroom (co-presenter). Chicago, IL, April.
  • English for Excellence (EfeX) Workshop: Improving English Language Teaching with Technology and Assessment Tools. Surabaya, Indonesia, February 2018.

  • Joint Asia TEFL/TEFLIN (Indonesia) Conference 2017: Creating Rubrics for Assessing Writing and Speaking (pre-conference workshop); Gamification: Hype or Useful Teacher Tool? (plenary); Tech Tools for Busy Teachers; Reading and Writing in the Digital Age. Yogyakarta, July.
  • CETE (TESOL Georgia) Conference 2017: Technology Tools for Busy Teachers (plenary), Designing a Massive Open Online Course (keynote). Tbilisi, Georgia, May.
  • TESOL 2017: Who Benefits from MOOCs, and Who Pays the Cost? (co-presenter); Shaping the Way We Teach English: The MOOC (co-presenter); Gaming with Trace Effects (co-presenter). Seattle, March.
  • Teaching English to Generation Z. Full-day workshop at English for Excellence (EfeX). Surabaya, Indonesia; January, 2017.

  • Technology training for teachers: two days of workshops for language program and content area faculty at Centro de Idiomas, Universidad de la Frontera. Temuco, Chile; November-December 2016.
  • Technology training for teachers: week-long session for language program faculty at Centro de Idiomas, Universidad de la Frontera. Temuco, Chile; June 2016.
  • English Language Teacher Training and Certification Program: Two sets of 2-day workshops on project-based learning in four sites. Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus, (via digital videoconference) Gaza; January and May, 2016.
  • TESOL 2016: Online Course Development in MOOCs: Canvas Network; Tea with Distinguished TESOLers (invited presenter); Shaping the Way We Teach English: The MOOC (co-presenter); History of the Electronic Village: Typologies in CALL; CALL for Newcomers (co-presenter). Baltimore, April.

  • ORTESOL Conference 2015: Plenary – Digital Tools for Reading and Writing. Portland, Oregon, November.
  • TriTESOL (Oregon, Washington, British Colombia) Conference 2015: Massively Connected: Building Community in a MOOC; English Teacher Training: A Gabon Perspective. DesMoines, Washington, October.
  • White House Roundtable on Technology in English: Discussion of technology resources. September, 2015.
  • Colorado TESOL Conference 2015: Creating a Virtual Reality Game for ELT: Trace Effects; Enhancing Teaching and Learning with the TESOL Technology Standards. Denver, May.
  • Serbia English Language Teachers Association Conference 2015: Plenary – Intelligent Use of Technology in the Classroom; Digital Storytelling. Belgrade, May.
  • Workshops: Technology Tools for Busy Teachers; Digital Storytelling. Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, May.
  • HUPE (Croatia Association of Teachers of English) Conference 2015: Plenary - Gamification: Hype or Useful Teacher Tool?; Technology Tools for Busy Teachers; Creating Rubrics for Assessing Writing and Speaking. Sibenik, April 2015.
  • TESOL 2015: Managing the Darker Side of Technology: Mobile Devices; Shaping the Way We Teach English: The MOOC (co-presenter); CALL for Newcomers (co-presenter); Enhancing Teaching with the TESOL Technology Standards (panelist). Toronto, March.
  • Workshops for teachers in Gabon (with K. Yerian): Constructivist Pedagogy and Internet Tools (primary course developer, co-teacher). Libreville, Gabon, March-April 2015.

  • ORTESOL Conference 2014: Gamification in ELT; Massively Connected: Creating Community in a MOOC (with J.Magoto). Portland, Oregon. November 2014.
  • International Conference on Applied Arts: English for Education in a Networked World (keynote), Managing Large and Mixed Ability EFL Classes.Bangkok, Thailand. July 2014.
  • IATEFL LTSIG & TESOL CALL-IS Gaming and Gamification - a Win-win for Language Learning web conference: Networking Event (w. Heike Philip), Closing Panel (with co-presenters). June 2014.
  • Workshops for teachers in Gabon (with K. Yerian): Taking a Learner-Centered Approach to English for Academic Purposes (primary course developer, co-teacher) .Libreville, Gabon. April 2014
  • TESOL 2014: Tea with Distinguished TESOLers (invited presenter); Using Trace Effects to Spark Language Learning and Teaching Pre-convention Institute with R. Rosenberg; CALL for Newcomers with J. Madden; Shaping the Way We Teach English – the MOOC Version with L. Opp-Beckman, J. Magoto, E. Hanson-Smith, J. Gardy. Portland, Oregon, April.
  • Workshops for National Institute Schools teachers: Finding and Using Authentic Material, Writing Effective Learning Objectives, Creating Rubrics for Assessing Writing and Speaking, Technology Tools for Busy Teachers, Creating Better Handouts with Graphics, Digital Storytelling, Trace Effects, Adding Critical Thinking to Classroom Activities; plus mini-workshops on Resources for Writing, Resources for Pronunciation, Shaping the Way We Teach English MOOC Preview. Cairo, Egypt, January 2014.
  • Workshop for AMIDEAST English Language Resource Teachers: Finding and Using Authentic Material. Cairo, Egypt, January 2014.
  • NileTESOL 2014: Gamification: Communicating with “Digital Natives” (plenary); Building Engagement with Trace Effects. Cairo, Egypt, January 2014.
  • TESOL Symposium: Using Graphic Novels to Increase Student Motivation. Cairo, Egypt, January 2014.
    Workshop for Access Teachers: Digital storytelling. Cairo, Egypt, January 2014.



Workshops in 2000 and earlier